Injection Molding Machines

Next advancement in molding

Sumitomo Heavy Industries launched the injection molding machine industry in 1965. Since then, we have been developing technologies that have been leading the industry, such as all-electric machines equipped with the industry's first direct drive system and the revolutionary integration application “Zero-molding.” Our strength includes our robust lineup and precision/high-cycle molding, which contribute to the production of a wide variety of plastic products.

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Getting as close to zero defects, losses, and faults as possible

Zero-molding is an integration application that achieves as close to zero defects, losses, and faults as possible.
This application consists of three elements, including MCM (mold clamping-related technology), FFC (filling-related technology), and the system SPS that easily operate these technologies.

MCM(Minimum Clamping Molding)

Reduce the maintenance work to utilize the vent effect and extend the mold life

Common molding

Vent is clogged by excessive mold clamping force.
It can result in short shots and gas burns.

MCM molding

Gas is properly discharged from the PL sides.
It resolves short shots and controls mold deposits.

FFC(Flow Front Control)

Low pressure and smooth filling promote venting, improving the cavity balance

SPS(Simple Process Setting)

Error-free simple settings reduce preparation/operation time

Direct Drive System

High precision and highly responsive screw control

Screw control is highly responsive thanks to a structurally original injection system and low inertia servo motor.
Moreover, plasticization, filling and pressure holding are precisely and stably controlled by an in-house developed algorithm, which helps to lower injection pressure and improve cavity balance.

Toward the third generation of development

Transitions of servo motor development

SE-S, which was released in 1997 and was the industry's first machine equipped with the direct drive, instantly and solidly established Sumitomo's all-electric technology.
The direct drive system symbolically represents the developmental philosophy of the all-electric technology and the wide range of the technical capabilities.
The direct drive directly communicates the required movements without going through unnecessary speed reducing devices between the servo motor and actuator. The drive has continued to evolve through enhanced low inertia moment and speed acceleration, and it is now in its third generation.
The performance has been significantly improving.

Product lines

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Double-shot machine

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