Coke Oven Machines

We can provide lifecycle solutions for the design, production, installation, and diagnosis of coke oven machines through technological innovation based on our vast experience and technologies.

Coke is essential for steelmaking. It is produced by steaming coal at high temperatures in a coke oven (Dry distillation), after that it is put into a blast furnace with iron ore as a reducing agent in steelmaking. Our coke oven machines work around the coke oven; feed coal into the coke oven, extrude coke from the oven, and carry it to the next process.
We provide environment-and-worker-friendly coke oven machines based on our abundant experience and technology.

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  1. 1Abundant Delivery Results

    We have kept over 90% market share in Japan. We can provide coke oven machines that meet customers requirements, because we have cultivated experiences and technologies for more than half a century.

    How the coke oven machine works
  2. 2Stable operation by diagnoses of existing machines and proposals of environmental improvement

    We diagnose aging of the existing machines by distortion measurement, FEM analysis, non-destructive inspection, etc. with utilizing our abundant design know-how.
    We propose the optimal countermeasures to customers.

  3. 3Remodeling and repair of existing machines.

    Utilizing our abundant delivery results from design to construction, we propose the optimal remodeling plan according to the operating conditions and requests.


  1. 1Coke Oven Machines
  2. 2Peripheral equipment

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