Large Gearboxes

Large Gearboxes that can be specially designed and optimally customized for industrial machinery

Offering a wide variety of options, application products, and various special design products, including Paramax® that achieve both short delivery times and high quality by systematic combination of components.

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Paramax® 9000 Series

Achievement of short lead time and high quality at the same time by combining components systematically

High gear tooth strength

Although the general gear has a pressure angle of 20 degrees, the gear for PARAMAX has 25 degrees. Larger pressure angle can secure thicker dedendum resulting in stronger gear tooth. This makes possible the design of a gear box with larger load capacity and higher impact load resistance.

Tooth profile of 9000 series (pressure angle of 25 degrees)
Tooth profile of general gear (pressure angle of 20 degrees)

Improvement in thermal capacity

Cooling effect is significantly improved with the adoption of a newly designed cooling fan and a cooling air duct cover. Improved thermal capacity can prevent deterioration of lubrication oil due to overheating of the reducer main unit, and the reducer can be used even under severe operation conditions including continuous operation with sufficient margin.

9000 series


Various product lineups including the products with abundant options, various specially designed products, and applied products are available.

SEB Series for extruders
SFC Series for cooling fans
SCC Series for cranes
SHC Series for garbage cranes with double shafts
SGD Series for opening and closing sluice gates
SPA Series for paper machines
Rated torque
2.6 to 552kN・m
Reduction ratio
6.3 to 500
Motor type
Three phase, Premium efficiency, High efficiency, For inverter, Outdoor, Increased safety explosion proof, Flameproof, Overseas standard

Specialized Gearboxes

Dedicated design according to the customer's machine. Large-sized gearbox which enables optimal customization

Supports lifelines

Generator and compressor

Crushing of materials

Cement mill

Extraction of materials

Sugar mill

Manipulation of water

River pump

Kneading of materials

Kneading machine


Sumitomo Couplings series are suitable for various terms of use. Immediate delivery is available

Compact sized coupling with high torque transmitting capability.
High wear resistance and toughness.

Seisa GC Coupling (Gear Coupling)

No need for lubrication, Zero-Backlash, Maintenance-free. High-allowable rotation frequency.

DC Coupling (Disc Coupling)

SF-Coupling absorbs shock road by the grillwork spring. In addition, its assembling is simple with single-layered taper grid structure.

SF Coupling (Taper-grid Coupling)
Reference torque
421-6,460,000N・m (Seisa GC Coupling)
35.3-255,950N・m (DC Coupling)
52.0-932,100N・m (SF Coupling)

Product lines

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