Management Plan

Message from the President

The Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI) Group was established in 1888 as a machinery production and repair shop for the Besshi Copper Mine, the founding business of the Sumitomo Group. We have since evolved along with the development of society and industry. We are committed to fulfilling our corporate mission in accordance with the Sumitomo's Business Philosophy, which embodies the common philosophy of all Sumitomo Group companies and also forms the basis of management for the SHI Group.

Throughout our long history, we have also cultivated a "spirit of manufacturing," which we are utilizing in various business fields, from nanotechnology to huge structures. By strengthening marketing, development, and production efficiency, we will strive to achieve the "ultimate in manufacturing." Our aim is to be an "organizational knowledge creation-driven company" that continuously provides first-class products to our customers. To ensure stable, high-level growth on the world stage, we strive to earn the longterm trust of customers by focusing on "creating customer value." We believe this will lead to the sustainable development of the Group and enhancement of corporate value, and enable us to meet the expectations of shareholders, employees, and local communities.

Medium-Term Management Plan 2023

We have formulated the "Medium-Term Management Plan 2023 (MTMP23)" with FY2021 as the first year.
The approach that forms the basis of MTMP23 is to achieve corporate growth and contribute to society while maintaining a balance between sustainability and value enhancement.
The basic policy for the MTMP23 are as follows.

  1. 1Developing a robust entity
  2. 2Reformation for improving the corporate value
  3. 3Transforming into a company with a comfortable work environment
  4. 4Contributing to SDG movement through products and services
  5. 5Reducing environmental burdens through business activities

We are aiming for 1 trillion yen in orders, 970 billion yen in sales, operating profit of 70 billion yen and ROIC of 7.5% in FY2023.

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