Management Plan

Message from the President

Based on its Corporate Mission Statement, which focuses on benefiting society through the provision of excellent products and services, the Group has been providing a variety of products and services that meet the demands of the times. Furthermore, in January 2024, we defined our purpose as the unchanging principle of “Enhance society and those within it with compassion through our ownership and vision.” We will continue to cater to the needs of our customers and provide products and services that address existing social issues. This will help the Group to achieve sustainable development and create enhanced corporate value, thereby meeting the expectations of our shareholders, employees, and local communities.

Medium-Term Management Plan 2026

We have formulated the "Medium-Term Management Plan 2026 (MTMP26)" with FY2024 as the first year.
Our goal is to achieve the vision of "A company that contributes to an affluent society through core technologies and realizes CSV" by 2030.
The plan is based on the four segments that were materialized in the previous mid-term plan, with the fundamental policy of "building a robust business entity".
Furthermore, to achieve the three key objectives of "Improve profitability," "Enhance capital efficiency," and "Strengthen new business exploration," we will execute strategies from both the corporate and segment perspectives.
We are aiming for 1.2 trillion yen in orders, 1.2 trillion yen in sales, operating profit of 100 billion yen and ROIC of 8.0% in FY2026.

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