Coolant Systems

Making a difference with the sludge collection capability and squeezing performance - the strongest magnetic separator FINE MAG

The SHI Group's Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech, Ltd. confidently proposes a magnetic separator for high filtering performance, strong squeezing performance and long life.

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Outstanding durability for the Drive System! (PAT.)

  • Frame design investigated and wear resistance in actual use has improved sufficiently.
  • Succeeded to avoid grinding wheel grits from sprockets, and prevent the trouble of magnetic drum parts.

Surface of the Magnet Drum is especially hardened!

  • There are no scratch on the surface of the Magnet drum!
  • Filtering and squeezing performance is stable for a long term.
  • Squeeze roller is also not scratched.

Forced drive mechanism for the Squeeze Roller!

Squeeze roller does not slip for this remarkable mechanism and led to saving more coolant liquid.

Precise Magnet Arrangement based on magnetic field analysis!

Attracting power of the magnet is stronger than ever for its special arrangements based on a scientific study. Sludge can be recovered efficiently.

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