Vacuum Coating Equipment

"Solar energy to electricity" and "Electricity to lighting"
The SHI Group contributes to "workmanship technology" that uses energy effectively.

The efficiency for converting solar energy to electric power can be enhanced by improving the performance of the optical absorption layer and the electrode layer that comprise a solar cell, in order to improve the amount of electrical power that can be drawn from a solar cell.

Light can also be emitted with less electricity efficiently by improving the performance of the electrode layer that is used for LEDs and organic EL lighting.

The SHI Group assists in the prevention of global warming and the realization of a sustainable society through the provision of equipment and manufacturing systems that utilize energy in an effective manner.

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The SHI Group's coating equipment has the following features:

  • Low resistance
  • Damage to the foundation layer is minimal
  • Able to continuously operate over long periods of time
  • High electrical discharge stability
  • Strong adhesiveness

To name but a few.

The conversion efficiency of hybrid-type solar cells, which realize a high efficiency among crystalline solar cells, can be improved by making superior quality coatings.
The SHI Group also contributes to improving the light emission efficiency of LEDs and organic EL lighting.

Proposals that suit the requirements of our customers can be provided, as the SHI Group is able to cater to a wide range of requirements, including test facilities and mass production equipment for reactive plasma deposition (RPD) equipment that has these characteristics.

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