Motion Control Drives

Motion control drives realizing high-precision positioning

Offering an extensive line-up, including Fine Cyclo® with zero-backlash, which is ideal for industrial robots, machine tools, and IB series having compactness/high rigidity, which is utilized for positioning applications.

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Fine Cyclo® High Precision Gearboxes

Low noise and simple basic type

DA Series

  • Easy mounting

    Supporting high-speed shafts with a bearing makes it easy to mount.

  • Compact in shaft direction

    The overall length can be reduced because the motor shaft can be inserted into the gearbox.

  • Gearboxes with adapters for servo motors are also available

    Gearboxes with adapters for the main motors (shafts with or without keys) of each servo motor manufacturer can also be manufactured.

    Lost motion
    1.0 arc min
    Allowable peak torque
    613 to 4000N・m
    Reduction ratio
    29 to 119

E Cyclo® High Precision Gearboxes

Compact high precision gearbox integrated with a strain wave gearing mechanism and the tooth profile of the CYCLO gearbox

ECY Series

  • Compact and high torque

    Equipment can be downsized because the allowable peak torque is about 1.5 times (typical value) that of common strain wave gearing (equivalent size).

  • High rigidity

    Increasing the strength of equipment and reducing vibration is possible because the spring constant is about double (typical value) of the common strain wave gearing (equivalent size).

  • Simple mounting large hollow high-speed shaft

    The oil seal structure, filled with lubrication grease and high-speed shaft bearing support makes it easy to mount. The large hole diameter of the high-speed shaft allows cables and shafts to pass through.

  • Prevents ratcheting

    Since ratcheting does not occur so easily, this is a very safe gearbox against overloads.

    Lost motion
    1.0 arc min
    Allowable peak torque
    34 to 157N・m
    Reduction ratio
    50 to 100

Planetary Gear Reducer for Servo Motors IB Series PE Type

Planetary gear reducer for servo motors excellent in cost performance

PE Type

Economical type
Economical type with excellent cost performance (compared with our previous products).
Quick delivery
Shipment in min. 3 days after receiving order, responding to customer's request for quick delivery. We respond to customer's requests for quick delivery.
Expansion of reduction ratio
Reduction ratio 3 is added (compared with our previous products).
High speed input
Input speed of 6000r/min is possible.
Compatible with servo motors manufactured by major servo motor manufacturers.
Motor adapter can accommodate the major motors manufactured by major servo motor manufacturers.
15 arc min
Allowable peak torque
7.2 to 270N・m
Motor capacity range
50W to 5.0kW
Reduction ratio
3 to 81

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