Transfer Molding Presses

Presses for Sealing ICs and LEDs

Supplying optimized OEM motorized sealing presses to IC and LED sealing equipment manufacturers around the world.

The SHI Group has been designing and supplying servo motor driven sealing presses, ranging from 30 tons to 170 tons of mold clamping force, according to the needs of our customers, for almost 30 years. The SHI Group has a track record of thus far delivering over 30 models in total to sealing equipment manufacturers in Asia, including Japan. This is the only business model in the world where a sealing press can be acquired as an OEM supply.

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  • These products are produced by utilizing the infrastructure of the Plastics Machinery Division, which is a top world rated motorized IJ molding machine manufacturer. The products are of a high quality with a long life, since they are designed with the same design standards as high-cycle mold clamping IJ molding mechanisms.
  • Many years of experience have made it possible for the SHI Group to offer proposals for optimized presses that support various applications.
  • The SHI Group has a production system capable of meeting drastic increases and decreases in demands, due to rapid fluctuations of the economic climate.
    There are no concerns that the press will become a bottle neck for the production of sealing equipment, even during peak operating periods.
  • Since after sales service is provided throughout the service network for IJ forming machines all over the world, there is peace of mind no matter which country the customer's sealing equipment is delivered in.
  • The customer can specify a brand for the integrated servo motors. It is possible for the customer to supply the motor, frame, control panel and the like, to reduce costs.

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