Purpose (significance of existence)

Enhance society and those within it with compassion through our ownership and vision

Why we, as a member of Sumitomo Heavy Industries are here in this society?
It is to enhance society and those within it with our compassion
through our ownership and vision.

Our compassion towards people.

It means to provide a variety of technologies, services,
and products that we can offer to reduce the workload of everyone,
to create a safer and more comfortable working environment, to provide a healthier, more convenient,
and more comfortable daily life, and to enable people to do more things
and to do things they were unable to do before.

Our compassion towards society.

The Sumitomo Business Spirit, which we, the Sumitomo Group companies, have carefully inherited,
is based on the strong sense of mission that "Sumitomo's business must benefit not only Sumitomo itself,
but also the nation and society.

These two have been carefully passed down to the present day and means taking responsibility for
and contributing to the progress and development of society as a whole and the resolution of social issues,
as well as reducing the environmental impact of society as a whole and achieving a sustainable society.

We have been refining various technologies for the benefit of people and society.
Our unique compassion lives in each one of our technologies,
which are easy to operate, highly controllable, and optimally operational.

Both of our ownership and vision support why we are here in this society.
These two are our strengths which each of us must possess and cherish for the future.

Our ownership is the source of our never-giving-up approach to pursuit,
the skills that can only be created through continuous refinement,
and a thorough sense of responsibility for each one of these things.
And what we must strengthen more is our vision.
It is the ability to identify the needs of each department within the company,
including those in Japan and overseas,
as well as external stakeholders and business partners,
by objectively looking at changes in the market, society, and customers.

Our ownership, our vision and our compassion come from these two.
We, as a member of Sumitomo Heavy Industries,
enhances society and those within it with compassion
through ownership and vision.