We continue to grow together
with our customers
in our history over 120 years.


About Us

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Marine&Engineering Co., Ltd. is a shipyard, creates new value to our customers through the power of marketing and engineering.

Our Business

Our company vision is as follows;
"Continues to exceed the expectations of customers and to grow employees through engaging each other"
This is our vision. The know-how and the product quality create the customers value and bring us the customers' trust and sustainable growth of our company.
Together with our customers
Make into a form
Protecting Value
Supporting Society

Product Information

We have built various types of vessels in Yokosuka for more than 120 years. In the 21st century, we have concentrated our resources to build medium-sized tankers which carry crude oil and petroleum products. Especially in Aframax tanker market, "Sumitomo" is recognized as the top brand of highest value Aframax tanker. We will continue to contribute to development of marine industries by providing safe and environmental friendly products.