Product Information

We have built more than 1,300 vessels, mainly large cargo ships.

We construct ocean going large vessels, especially for crude oil carriers.
Our mission is not just building safety and environmental friendly vessel, but also constructing reliable and high quality vessel by our artisanship which has been obtained through 110 years of our shipbuilding history, to achieve customer's satisfaction.

Main product of SHI-ME

Aframax Tanker

Middle size crude oil carrier.
This is our main product and we have delivered more than 140 vessels in total.
We keep refining our Aframax design with feed backs from our customers and always archiving the highest class fuel efficiency and remarkable shallow intake reflecting our customer's voice.


Aframax size oil product carrier.
By implementing in-house painting which is our unique feature as well, we are able to propose flexibility on short delivery period that are close to customer's request.

Suezmax Tanker

The biggest crude oil carrier which can pass though Suez Canal in loaded condition.
Suezmax has about 1.3 times bigger deadweight than Aframax.

Panamax Tanker

Crude oil carrier with maximum dimensions which are able to pass the former Panama canal.
These type of tankers are used in various trading such as crude oil and fuel oil in small lot tradings by their good usability.

Past experience

Sailing Ship


Bulk Carrier

Pure Car Carrier

Environmental technology

LNG Dual-fueled design
We are developing LNG Dual-fueled design, which enables zero emission of sulphur oxide (SOx) and 20% reduction of Green House Gas in exhaust gas.
Methanol Dual-fueled design
We are developing Methanol Dual-fueled design. Methanol is recognized as one of the superior clean fuel because it does not exhaust sulphur oxide (SOx) at all, and it can also reduce abt. 8% of greenhouse gas emission compared with current heavy fuel oil.