Commitment to our product

We always provide Values to customers with spirits of 4-C. Please see a link below;

Collaboration with Customers

We continue exchanging opinions with customers from the beginning of design development. Through this process, we can incorporate their view and create brand new Value for the customers which is not aware by them.
We collaborate with customers and create Value.

Co-create with Customers

We work with customers to shape the design from the stage of creating the blueprint to the completion. At the blueprint stage, drawings are presented to the customer and confirmed by their technical team. At the construction stage, the customers' representatives is stayed at the shipyard to confirm the construction quality with member of our quality assurance group.
We create the value with customers.

Co-working with Customers

We provide after service from the shipyard, but also in practice we receive various feed backs and requests via our Europe Branch through dialogue with customers. These feed backs and/or requests are not only for defects but also for more efficient use of products.
In case of consultation as the Shipbuilder, we may also co-work with the customer.
We maintain and improve customer's Value through co-working activities with customers.

Contribution with Customers to the Society

The products that we have collaborated, co-created and co-worked with customers, contribute to stable logistics in the world.