Basic Views

We strive to promote communication with shareholders and investors by fulfilling our accountability for our corporate activities through shareholders' meetings and IR activities. Through these activities, we will maintain and improve the trust of the market and strive to realize appropriate stock prices and increase corporate value through facilitation of proper knowledge about our company. Furthermore, we strive to ensure timely and fair disclosure of information in accordance with policies on constructive dialogue with shareholders.

IR Timeline

General Meeting of Shareholders

We consider the general meeting of Shareholders to be a valuable opportunity for communication with shareholders, and we are making efforts to revitalize the General Meeting of Shareholders and facilitate the exercise of voting rights.

  • Early forwarding of the convocation notice of a general meeting of shareholders (at least 3 weeks in advance)
  • Online exercise of voting rights
  • Provision of convocation notice (summary) in English
  • Publication of convocation notice on our website and the website of the Tokyo Stock Exchange prior to its dispatch

IR Activities

  • Financial results briefings (for institutional investors / analysts / mass media)
  • Business briefings (for institutional investors / analysts / mass media)
  • Company information sessions for private investors (irregular)
  • Publication and release of IR tools
    • Integrated Reports
    • Guide books
    • Environmental Activity Reports