Material Technology

"Material selection/ Material processing/ Material testing"

We provide materials solutions to the entire SHI Group, balanced on the three pillars of materials selection, material processing, and material testing.

Material selection

Reduced friction abrasion, improved corrosion resistance, increased fatigue strength, and reduced weight can be realized with proper knowledge of material selection.

Friction and wear reduction via simultaneous control of salient and reentrant points on the material surface

Material processing

The TRC develops heat treatment, welding, and forming technologies to impart optimum shape and characteristics to the selected material

Weld monitoring, expedition, and deformation prediction

Material evaluation

Processed materials are evaluated against performance criteria. A wide variety of evaluation techniques are used, from electron beam, X-ray surface analysis, and metallic structure analysis, to evaluation of mechanical properties.

*EPMA : Electron Probe Micro Analyzer
SEM : Scanning Electron Microscope
EDX : Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscop
X-ray diffraction
Measuring compressive residual stress with X-ray
Friction and abrasion testing

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