Evaporation and Crystallization Facilities

Suitable for various evaporation and condensation processes, such as highly concentrated condensation, discharged water volume reductions and valuables recovery!

Facilities suitable for the requirements of our customers, as well as the relevant pre-processes and post-processes, are proposed based on extensive experience spanning more than 50 years, with the aim of contributing to the global environment, as well as providing solutions to problems as an integrated engineering company, by working together with our customers under a variety of circumstances.


  1. 1Evaporation

    The evaporators from the SHI Group resolve scaling problems and achieve high concentration condensation through the adoption of a heating element, which is a unique heat exchange component. We propose the optimum conditions to meet our customers' objectives, from diverse range of methods, which are available for our customers to choose from.

    • Single effect and multiple effect systems

      Single effect and multiple effect systems can handle liquids with a high boiling point. Furthermore, increasing the number of effects makes it possible to increase the evaporation multiples and significantly impact improvements to heat efficiency.

    • Steam injector method (Thermo Compression System)

      A portion of the evaporated steam is condensed and reused using an injector. Since the initial costs can be kept down and the drive steam can be kept to about half to two-thirds of the evaporation steam, an approximate evaporation multiple with a utilization count + 1, can be obtained.

    • The stem recompression method (VRC method: Vapor Recompression System)

      Evaporation steam is compressed and reused by combining the system with a blower. The supply of heating steam therefore is not required.
      This means that a boiler for generating vapor is not required.

      Furthermore, the Evaporator U (Mini Eva) from the SHI Group is suitable for evaporation and the condensation of small quantities (300 to 1,500kg per hour).

  2. 2Crystallization

    The tube type condensation and crystallization facilities from the SHI Group are regularly used by many of our customers from salt production, food processing and chemical industries.
    The behavior of treated liquids and various data are closely analyzed for designing the actual equipment. The after sales services provided after delivery is rated highly by our customers.

    Tube type condensation and crystallization facility from the SHI Group
    Heating element
    Evaporator from the SHI Group (Popular name: Mini Eva)

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