Oil Tankers

Medium size crude oil tanker
Aframax Tanker

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  1. 1Optimum vessel model

    An optimum vessel model with the most effective propulsion performance was adopted based on the thorough use of numerical computations and water tank testing.

  2. 2Compatibility with various rules and regulations

    High grade specifications have been incorporated to not only satisfy the latest requirements and regulations but also to cater to a wide range of requirements of the USCG and major oil companies.

  3. 3Consideration for the environment

    Double hulling fuel tanks and pump rooms, as well as a paint coating on the outer plates, reduce the impact with sea water.

  4. 4Energy conservation considerations

    A reduction in fuel consumption has been achieved through the incorporation of NBS propellers (new type of wing section propellers) that were developed by the SHI Group as well as SILD (energy-saving duct mounted in front of the propellers) and a HLES rudder (specially shaped rudder).

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