Injection Molding Machine for Containers
容器用射出成形機 容器用射出成形機 容器用射出成形機

Up to 5000kN available with 6-sec cycle capability !


High injection speed

With around 2 times the max. injection speed of general-purpose machine, this series provides great value for money and is optimal for mid ~ thin-walled containers.


High durability with vibration suppressed

Machine rigidity has been increased for improving stability and durability.
With its low vibration design, cycle time can be shortened and optimized.

振動が多い → 取出精度低下 Vibration severe → Take-out robot accuracy drops
ハイサイクルでも取出精度維持 Even at fast molding cycle,
take-out robot accuracy can be secured.

High durability with
vibration suppressed

Sensors help monitoring the changes in crucial parts of the machine, and also predicting timing for parts replacement.
This helps to prevent machine sudden breakdown and reduces machine downtime.