Regular maintenance service preventing sudden shutdowns Tomenai Service Regular maintenance service preventing sudden shutdowns Tomenai Service

Maintenance Menu

Degreasing and cleaning inside the mold clamp unit is added to the standard menu along with important points check and monitoring of numerical data changing over time.
The menu consists of not only diagnostic maintenance items but also preventive maintenance items.

Maintenance Menu (Standard)
Inspection and cleaning of control circuits, molding clamping circuits and grease circuits, monitoring of plasticizing temperature
Maintenance Menu (Optional)
Mold clamping accuracy adjustment, belt tension adjustment, cylinder wear measurement, etc.
Refresh Menu

Beside annual standard maintenance menu, there is a refresh menu applicable in fixed interval of time. By combining with regular maintenance, refresh maintenance helps in keeping stable and secure production.

4 years
Refresh Menu A
Inspection and replacement of CPU fans, NC unit fans, motor fans and encoder batteries
8 years
Refresh Menu B
Inspection and replacement of NC unit electrolytic capacitors and contacts for motor drive power
10 years
Refresh Menu C
Replacement of CPU cards, etc.
Maintenance Interval

To enjoy stable high-performance of the equipment, it is strongly recommended to carry out the regular maintenance and refresh maintenance in fixed interval of time.

Maintenance Record

Sharing basic information about injection machine with users helps us to provide optimal and detailed service for every machine.

Users are notified of maintenance details and time by postcard.
When maintenance is completed, a dated sticker is attached to the molding machine.
Maintenance sheets and records are kept in a folder* inside the frame. *Optional
All-electric machine

Test and Calibration

The calibration of electric injection molding machine's units helps users to ensure accuracy of product quality control.

A test certificate can be issued on request for an extra fee.
Please contact us for details and prices

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