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Chiba Works

The Chiba Works is located in Chiba City, which lies between Tokyo and Narita International Airport. At this location, we produce mainly high-precision, high-output plastic processing machinery, as well as construction machineries. This location serves as the headquarters for global and customer-oriented operations which includes engineering research and development, manufacturing and customer support. We maintain constant communication with our customers, listening to their feedbacks and providing support. The Chiba Works is more than a mere production facility-it has become a creative outlet.

731-1, Naganumahara, Inage-ku,
Chiba-City, 263-0001, Japan

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TEL:+81-43-420-1351 FAX:+81-43-420-1580

Employees: 329 direct / 2,317 Including indirect
Area: 294,600 square meters
*March 31, 2015