Ultra High Speed and Ultra High Response Injection Molding Machine
Super High Response
Super High Response
Super High Response

Can be achieved by improving filling speed and through high response acceleration and deceleration

SHR solution
By shortening the screw stroke required to reach the setting speed, the followability relative to the set conditions is improved.
Since the deceleration capabilities are also similarly improved, it is possible to maintain high fill speeds until right before the target position. This helps minimize molding defects seen in thin-walled molding.
  • Fast speed filling
    Fast speed filling
  • High response acceleration
    High response acceleration
  • High response deceleration
    High response deceleration
  • Effects Multiple cavities
    With enhanced injection speed, before the melt flow solidifies the narrow cavity can be filled.
    Multiple cavities
  • Effects Shorten the sprue and the runner
    Because the target speed range is reached in a shorter time, the sprue and runner sizes can be reduced.
    Shorten the sprue and the runner
  • Effects Reducing warpage and deformation
    With improved deceleration capability, it can maintain high speed until right before the target. Warpage and deformation can be reduced.
    Reducing warpage and deformation

Refined multiple stages control

Recommended option
It’s capable of utilizing multi stage settings for both position and clamp force to best match the thin-walled or thick-walled products. Adjusting for warpage or proper product release as well as reducing birefringence to increase product quality and productivity is possible.
- The image of the compression molding operation -