Extrusion Coating Line

Cutting edge with variations to definitely cater to the needs of a diversifying packaging field
Extrusion Coating Line

This equipment is used for producing laminated products, which are essential for preparing packaging for snacks and retort food products, paper packs for milk and liquor, as well as packaging materials for pharmaceutical products. The equipment supports laminating products for various purposes, including single, tandem and co-extrusion lines, as well as lines for various papers. High quality and stable forming performance with many cutting edge variations caters to a diverse range of needs.

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Combining adaptor

A proprietary combining adaptor of for T-die multi-layer forming.

  1. 1Accommodates multiple product production
  2. 2Improved thickness deviation accuracy
  3. 3Simple maintenance

SPS7000 automatic thickness correcting T-die for lamination

The torque arm drive method using air pressure has been adopted (patented).

  1. 1High-speed response
  2. 2Compact and clean response

MACS-Win computer control system

A control system that uses Windows XP as the operating system and a universal sequencer for the control section, with proprietary development software, offers superior visibility and controllability.

  1. 1Stabilizes thickness accuracy
  2. 2Reduces losses to enhance the quality of production control

Product lines

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