Actuator for robot drive “TUAKA” wins the “HERMES AWARD 2022” at Hannover Messe 2022

June 21, 2022

TUAKA, an all-in-one actuator jointly developed by Sumitomo Heavy Industries’s PTC Project Department and and its German subsidiary Sumitomo (SHI) Cyclo Drive Germany GmbH (SCG) won the “HERMES AWARD 2022” at the world's largest industrial trade fair “Hannover Messe” (May 30 - June 2, 2022).

▼ All-in-one actuator TUAKA

“HERMES AWARD” is an annual prize for industrial innovation presented at Hannover Messe and is awarded at the trade fair’s opening ceremony. All companies and associations exhibiting at Hannover Messe are eligible for entry. Products and solutions that showcase a particularly high level of technological innovation are nominees for the award at Hannover Messe, which is considered the "Oscar for engineers."

The all-in-one actuator “TUAKA” was developed as an easy-to-use actuator for driving robots. Necessary functions to drive the robot’s joint are integrated in it. It is a modular system that combines E CYCLO® High Precision Gearboxes ECY Series with servo motors, encoders, drivers including safety functions, etc. All these make robot design easy by selecting the vital components.

”TUAKA” was proceeded with the development by focusing on simple and cost-effective integration system and completed as an actuator product with the cooperation of the PTC Project department and the SCG development team. The product received highly positive comments from the award judges for achieving “shortening time required for the robotic application introduced in the market” and won the “HERMES AWARD 2022”.

Although this product is being prepared for market launch, it had a reference exhibit at the International Robot Exhibition 2022 (iREX2022) held in Japan in March 2022. We are planning to make it available for sales in Europe and other countries around the world in the future.
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Hannover Messe Opening Ceremony
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