Web Seminar on Collaborative Robot “Sawyer”

July 09, 2020

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd., Mechatronics Division will hold a seminar online for collaborative robots (*1) and Sawyer.

(*1) A collaborative robot is a robot that supports human work. The sensors are installed to work with humans without a safety fence.
* Sawyer has acquired the international standard ISO 10218-1 for safety. to the website of JAPAN QUALITY ASSURANCE ORGANIZATION.)

Seminar title
[Coffee Break] "How interesting!" Rethink Robotics, the creator of the red robot Sawyer, landed at the webinar!

■ Content
We signed an exclusive sales contract in Japan with Rethink Robotics on October 22, 2015, and have been selling Sawyer since January 2016.

Unlike general industrial robots, it features a "series elastic actuator (SEA)" that outputs actuator force via elastic elements (springs).
They say that it is suitable for collaborative driving with people because it can absorb shocks with springs.

Sawyer is the only collaborative robot that supports the open source development environment ROS (Robot Operating System).
Therefore, it is also used for research and development and has been introduced in universities in Europe and the United States.

In this webinar, we will introduce "Education" as the theme and give a two-part lecture with Rethink Robotics.

・Date and time: Thursday, July 30th (Reception at 16:50, Open at 17:00)
・Location: Online (The URL for the Zoom webinar will be sent to those who apply.)
・Sign up here

16:50(JST), 9:50(CET) Reception starts
17:00(JST), 10:00(CET) Sumitomo Heavy Industries
17:15(JST), 10:15(CET) Rethink Robotics
Scheduled to end 17:30(JST), 10:30(CET)
*Supplementary information regarding end time
The material is displayed in both English and Japanese, but it may be moved backwards depending on the interpretation of the supplementary explanation.

■ About Rethink Robotics
Established in 2008, released the Baxter in 2012, a 7-axis dual-arm robot with a payload capacity of 2.3 kg, which enables assembly of parts in the factory.
In the autumn of 2015, the 7-axis single-arm robot "Sawyer" was launched with a payload capacity of 4 kg, which enables more precise work such as inspection of circuit boards and inserting pins in 0.1 mm clearance holes. It is expanding worldwide.
Rethink Robotics Website