Sale of New Injection Molding Machine "SE-EV" Series is to Be Launched

October 21, 2011

Sumitomo Heavy Industries (President: Yoshinobu Nakamura) will launch the sale of a new series of plastic injection molding machines from October 25. The SE-EV series of compact fully motorized injection molding machines to be launched shortly are the result of a progression in the evolution undergone by the SE-DUZ series of products, which significantly contributes to an improvement in the productivity for molded products.

SE-EV series compact fully motorized injection molding machines
1. Achieving precise and stable moldings at an even higher level
Our proprietary low inertia and highly responsive servo motors are controlled using the latest servo controllers to achieve extremely precise controls and therefore highly precise and stable molding. Furthermore, it is also possible to mount the new theory plasticization system (SL screw) (*) that achieves highly stable plasticization.

2. Highly energy conserving performance
The mechanical efficiency has been thoroughly reviewed to reduce electric power by about 20% in comparison with existing models. Furthermore, grease consumption has been successfully halved through a review of the grease quality and the grease feeding system. The series has been made up to 10% more compact in comparison with the overall length of existing models, expanding the freedom to select installation locations.

3. Simple operations
Operability has been completely renewed and setup screen displays have been simplified. The setting items have been reduced by 50% to make it possible to perform settings in a shorter time, and this has also made it possible for operators with little experience to accurately operate the equipment. The series also supports 15 languages, including Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and other languages.

[Sales price]
JPY12 million (consumption tax excluded) based on standard specification price (100 tons)
[Sales target]
2,500 units annually
[Mold clamping force]
1,000kN (100 tons), 1,300kN (130 tons) and 1,800kN (180 tons)

Sumitomo Heavy Industries will exhibit these products at the "International Plastic Fair 2011" (IPF 2011) to be held at Makuhari Messe from the 25th to the 29th of October. Exhibits include two models for which sales will be launched, as well as the latest other models. Molding demonstrations will also be performed.

(*) New theory plasticization system (SL screw):
A plasticization system that is capable of improving the thermal transmission efficiency and significantly reducing the generation of shearing heat, which is a cause of resin burns and black spots. The system was awarded the Katashi Aoki Technology Award for 2010 by the Japan Society of Polymer Processing.

[SE100EV Compact fully motorized injection molding machine]

SE100EV Compact fully motorized injection molding machine