Sumitomo - W+E Rotary Kiln Delivery

February 15, 2011

Sumitomo Heavy Industries (President: Yoshinobu Nakamura) delivered a Sumitomo - W+E rotary kiln to United Corporation (President: Hisataka Hirano).

The Sumitomo - W+E rotary kiln is a rotary melting furnace, which is a piece of equipment used for the proper processing of industrial waste materials. The kiln can be operated across a broad range of methods from a combustion mode to a melting mode, making it possible for a variety of substances to be processed. Furthermore, since its structure is simple, its operational management is also easy. The line of products range from a large scale melting furnace with a daily processing capacity of 360 tons, to a compact melting furnace with a daily processing capacity of 50 tons which makes it possible to satisfy the needs of small to medium size intermediate treatment service providers.

The implementation of this equipment allows United Corporation to process residue from recycling, following the sorting, shredding and crushing processes, as well as infectious waste materials, auto shredder residue (ASR), which is considered difficult to process and industrial waste that is subject to special control, such as cyanides, for the first time in Akita City. There are not many facilities in the Tohoku Region capable of processing such materials and this achievement will contribute significantly to the improvement of the environment.
Furthermore, this equipment is not only capable of handling solids, but it is also capable of processing waste liquids and waste oils, whereas waste materials in containers, such as medical waste, can be entered directly and detoxified safely and securely. The melting of waste materials to convert them into slag is intended to extend the life of the final processing plant, whereas the slag can be used as a raw material for smelting plants or as paving material for roads.
Peripheral equipment includes exhaust gas processing equipment that decomposes and extracts dioxins to attain strict environmental standards, which was incorporated out of a consideration for the environment, as well as boiler and steam turbine power generating equipment also integrated as part of the thermal recycling facility, to provide environmentally friendly facilities in response to the zero emission needs of customers.

SHI is proud of its record, which includes a large number of Sumitomo - W+E rotary kilns delivered both within and outside Japan, and is therefore able to provide not only plant construction work but also proposals for the appropriate operations of industrial waste processing.

[Summary of facility]
Recycling Wharf Akita (at Akita City, Akita Prefecture) of United Corporation.
Processing capacity: 95 tons per day (24-hour operation)
Processed materials: Waste plastics, crushed materials from products such as automobiles, sludge, combustion residue, miscellaneous garbage, dust, waste oils, waste liquids, etc.
Delivery time: December 2010.
Start of operation: February 2011.

W+E Rotary Kiln