Sumitomo Heavy Industries introduces new small gear motor

June 29, 2009

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (President: Yoshinobu Nakamura) announced the start of sales of the single-phase series of Prest Neo parallel-shaft small gear motors. Sales will begin this July 1.

IN-Line small gear motors are widely used to drive various mechanical devices, including food-processing, packaging, and welfare equipment, as well as small conveyors. Incorporating involute gears,* the Prest Neo is characterized by low noise and simple design. Sales of Prest Neo began in April 2008. In response to customer demand in recent years for single-phase power sources for goods such as food-processing and agricultural equipment, Sumitomo Heavy Industries proceeded to develop a version of the Prest Neo for use with single-phase power. The newly introduced Prest Neo has achieved both sound levels low enough for use inside restaurants or ordinary stores and high starting torque (280% of rated torque).

Sumitomo Heavy Industries will propose this newly developed series as a solution for food-processing, agricultural equipment, and other automated machinery requiring single-phase power.

* Prest is a registered trademark of Sumitomo Heavy Industries.
* Involute gears :Gears characterized by a rounded trapezoidal shape; the shapes of gear teeth are based on involute curves (similar to the track of the end of a thread unravelled from a reel).

Product strengths
1. Incorporating a newly developed single-phase motor (0.1 kW, 0.2 kW)
This new capacitor start induction motor features both remarkably low noise and high starting torque in a compact form factor.

2. High starting torque
Newly designed coil and capacitors with surplus capacity for high starting torque (280% of rated torque). (0.1 kW, 0.2 kW)

3. Low noise
High component performance for each rotating component and optimized electromagnetic design means lower overall operating noise. Speed reducer components achieve low operating noise through high contact ratios and increased casing rigidity.

4. Highly resistant to radial loads
Bearings with high load capacity and a very rigid casing realize an output shaft capacity radial load approximately 20% greater than existing products (Altax), further boosting design flexibility for customers.

5. High-performance coating
To prevent contamination and provide reliability to customers in the food and drink industries, where single-phase gear motors are widespread, all models in the series use the most reliable thermohardened powder coating standard.

Motor output: 0.1-0.4 kW
Speed reduction ratio: 3-200
Mounting: base mounting, flange mounting
Motor types: single-phase brakeless, double voltage

Main uses
Automation equipment using single-phase power sources, including food-processing equipments , agricultural equipment, arcade machines, and assisted-living devices.

Standard price
24,700 JPY (0.2 kW, single-phase motor, brakeless, speed reduction ratio 30, tax excluded)

Sales target
5,000 units/year (FY 2010)

Prest Neo