Sumitomo Heavy Industries announces a full model change for the Bevel Buddybox speed reducer

June 29, 2009

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (President: Yoshinobu Nakamura) has announced a full model change for the Bevel Buddybox Cyclo speed reducer right angle mid-size gear motor. Sales of the new model will begin July 1.

A right angle gear motor covering the mid-level power range 0.1–30 kW, the Bevel Buddybox speed reducer combines a bevel gear* with a Cyclo speed reducer. Since its introduction in 1996, it has entered use in a wide range of industrial machinery applications, including automated warehouses, conveyors, and cranes.

This full model change includes comprehensive improvements to components, including the Cyclo speed reducer and the gear case; significant improvements in radial load capacity; quieter operation; and changes easing lubrication maintenance.

This full model change allows Sumitomo Heavy Industries to meet customer needs and enhance sales across a wide range of industries in Japan and around the world.

* Buddybox and Cyclo are registered trademarks of Sumitomo Heavy Industries.
* Bevel gear: A type of gear mechanism for conveying rotational force at right angles, through meshing with a paired cone-shaped gear.

Product strengths
1. Significantly upgraded functionality
(1) New gear case for increased strength
Changes in gear-case materials and design have increased strength and radial load capacity while maintaining interface dimensions identical to the previous model. Compact dimensions and high strength increase design flexibility.

(2) Improved lubrication maintenance
The same method is now used to lubricate the bevel gear and Cyclo speed reducer, making lubrication maintenance significantly easier. (Earlier models required different lubrication methods for these two components.) (Excludes certain installation-direction specifications.)

(3) Low noise
Improvements in the Cyclo speed reducer further reduce noise levels.

(4) More speed reduction ratios
Five speed reduction ratios have been added within the product’s main range of 11 through 100, giving users an even wider selection of optimal ratios for specific applications.

2. Strengths based on the advantages of the Cyclo speed reducer
(1) A wealth of available applications and options
This product uses the Cyclo speed reducer on the input side, making it fully compatible with most Cyclo speed reducer options and applications, including torque limiters, high-efficiency motors, pressure and explosion-proof motors, and hollow input shafts.

(2) Ease of maintenance
Among its advantages, the Cyclo speed reducer offers superior maintainability for on-site service personnel.

(3) The peace of mind of global compatibility
In addition to meeting specifications worldwide, the global compatibility of the Cyclo speed reducer provides various other benefits. Global compatibility makes it possible to procure this model from virtually anywhere in the world. It also ensures access to local repair services.

Motor output: 0.1–30 kW
Speed reduction ratio: 11–3,511
Mounting: hollow shaft, solid flanged shaft, solid shaft with base, etc.

Main uses
Various conveyors, automated warehouses, various cranes, crushers, agitators, etc.

Standard price rage
220,000–1,600,000 yen (hollow shaft, tax excluded)

Sales target
7,000 units/year (FY 2010)

Bevel Buddybox