New Product Series Lineup for Injection Molding Machines

September 09, 2008

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (President: Yoshinobu Nakamura) launched a new product series for plastic injection molding machines with sales starting in September.

1. Sales launched for new, large-size full electric injection molding machine CL7000.
2. SE-DU series of compact full electric injection molding machines superseded by new SE-DUZ series models.

Large-size full electric injection molding machine CL7000
"A small machine for large jobs"

1) Reduction in clamping force
A center platen with fewer deflections(Note 1) is mounted on both the movable side and fixed side to equalize pressure applied to the mold. This resulted in a further improvement of the molding quality and also made it possible to mold with a lower clamping force.

2) Response to large-size molds
Now molds one category larger can be mounted through an extension of the interval between tie bars(Note 2) making it wider than other machines of the class. Furthermore, it became possible to mount a mold from the side by changing the shape formed by the tie bars, into a square.

3) Shortened overall length of machines
The newly developed plasticizing system made it possible to shorten the overall machine length.

[Sales price] Starting at JPY62 million (tax excluded) for the standard specification
[Sales target] Ten units per month
[Clamping force] 5,390 kN (550 tons)

Note 1: Center platen
This platen (the part that secures a mold) presses on the center portion of a mold to provide a uniform clamping force over the entire surface of the mold. It offers a superior, even distribution of pressure over the surface area, which provides a positive impact, such as preventing mold deflections.

Note 2: Tie bar
The four pillars guide the inserting and retracting operations of the mold, as well as support the clamp force on the mold while the mold is secured in place.

Compact full electric injection molding machine SE-DUZ series
"Reduces defects, waste and labor infinitesimally close to zero"

1) Filling without any waste
A high responsiveness and fast filling speed are combined with precision control to offer effortless filling and prevent molding defects, such as burrs.

2) No excessive clamping force applied on molds
An ideal clamping force can be applied to the mold, with a minimum force for the entire range from a low clamping force to a maximum clamping force.
This reduces damage to the molds, preventing damage to parts.

3) Simplified operation
The setup screen, which had been segmented for each individual piece of equipment in the past, has been simplified to make it possible to perform all settings on a single screen. Even less experienced operators may accurately perform settings.

[Sales price] Starting at JPY8.5 million (tax excluded) for standard specifications
[Sales target] 350 units per month
[Clamping force] 170 kN (18 tons) to 1,780 kN (180 tons)

Large-size full electric injection molding machine CL7000