New Models Added to Line of Injection Molding Machines

February 07, 2008

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (President: Yoshinobu Nakamura) introduced new models to its line of all-electric double-shot injection molding machines and began the sale of the products. The product lineup has now been increased to five models from three, making it possible for SHI to respond to the needs of customers in a more detailed manner.

Double-shot injection molding machines are used to form plastic components using two different types of resins. The use of this equipment not only makes it unnecessary to combine components formed individually in different processes, it also makes it possible to reduce the thickness of molded components while making them more compact.

The mold clamping force of the two new models is 2,250 kilonewtons (230 tons) and 2,740 kilonewtons (280 tons), which together with the existing 703, 1,270, and 1,960 kilonewton models meet a broader range of molding needs. Furthermore, the mold turnover speed is 0.8 seconds, first-rate in the industry, and contributes greatly to the improvement of production efficiency. The primary applicable markets are mobile phone and automotive parts.

Product name
All-electric double-shot injection molding machine: SEHS-CI

1) Mold turnover speed that's first-rate in the industry: 0.8 seconds

Contributes to product cost reduction by decreasing production cycle time.
2) High quality and reliability
Based on our established product, SE-DU, these two new models ensure a qualitative performance that equals our major models, with a reduced mold clamping force and a reduction of the mixing in of burrs.

All-electric double-shot injection molding machine: SEHS-CI