New SE-HP Injection Molding Machine Goes on Sale

August 07, 2006

sumitomo heavy industries, ltd. (yoshio hinoh, president) will commence sales of the new se-hp series of plastic injection molding machines in august.
the all-electric ultra-high-speed injection molding machines in the se-hp series combine rapid operation with excellent responsiveness and achieve an injection speed of 800 mm per information systems achieve higher speeds, greater density, and further digitization, it-related equipment and component parts are becoming more compact. as a result, it is becoming more difficult to attain the required levels of lightness and thinness in molded plastic parts. the new se-hp series was developed specifically to produce difficult-to-mold thin-walled parts, such as thin light guide panels, battery packs, and memory cards. it can be used with a wide variety of assembled products and has a mold clamping force range of 490 kilonewtons (50 tons) to 4,410 kilonewtons (450 tons).

1. rapid operation and excellent responsiveness for an injection speed of 800 mm per second
conventional electric injection molding machines have injection speeds of 300 to 500 mm per second. the se-hp series boosts this to 800 mm per second, making it possible to mold thin-walled parts from highly viscous plastic.

2. stable high-precision molding
the direct drive mechanism employs a highly responsive servo controller. direct drive provides a high level of accuracy, including the control system, allowing for extremely high molding precision.

3. mold clamping force feedback function
the se-hp series makes it possible to apply precisely the desired amount of mold clamping force over a wide setting range. mold damage is minimized because no more than the necessary mold clamping force is applied. shi's proprietary system uses a sensor mounted directly on the tie bar to measure the clamping force. this system was widely used in our dedicated disc injection molding machines and has an established track record.

standard price
starting at \11.7 million for standard specification model

sales target
30 units/month