Industry's Fastest Laser Drill Goes on Sale

July 24, 2006

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (Yoshio Hinoh, President) has commenced sales of the SLR-400T CO2 laser drilling system.

SHI is a pioneer in the area of laser drilling systems for the printed circuit board (PCB) industry. The company has been a leader in high-speed PCB processing ever since the introduction of a simultaneous two-axis processing, high-speed galvanic system (a method of positioning the laser beam by reflecting it with a mirror). The newly developed SLR-400T realizes a higher galvanic speed for even more rapid processing. It incorporates an ultra-high-speed galvanic system that operates at 2,000 Hz, making it the fastest in the industry. Its processing table supports laser drilling of two PCBs at once. The new laser drilling machine will contribute to increased productivity in the manufacture of high-density multilayer boards.

1. Ultra-High-Speed Galvanic System Operating at 2,000 Hz, the Fastest in the Industry
A speed increase of approximately 70% (over previous SHI laser drilling machine models) is combined with the ability to process two PCBs at once.
2,000 Hz: 2,000 positioning operations per second

2. Compact Design
The standard size (width 3,775 mm x depth 2,055 mm) requires 10% less installation space (compared with previous SHI laser drilling machine models).

3. Maximum Output of Over 210 Watts
The output of the laser generator has been increased. Maximum output exceeds 210 watts.

4. Support for Direct Processing of Copper
Conventional laser beams are reflected by copper, making it essential to remove all extraneous copper from the board before performing laser drilling. SHI's proprietary laser branching technology, combined with a new optical module, makes it possible to process PCBs without first removing excess copper.

Standard Price
\50 to \60 million (before tax, varies depending on specifications)

Release Date
June 2006

Sales Target
100 units in fiscal 2006