Rhytax Drive Undergoes Complete Model Change

April 27, 2006

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (Yoshio Hinoh, President) today announced that the company's Rhytax Drive series of right angle midsize gearmotors has undergone a full remodeling. The new model is released on May 1.

Rhytax Drive is high-efficient gearmotor, covering right angle applications for medium size range with capacity range between 0.4 kW and 45 kW. Since their introduction in 1994, Rhytax Drive has achieved widespread adoptions in industrial machinery fields including automated warehouses, conveyor systems, and cranes. In recent years, however, there were increasing demands for more compact and lower noise gearmotors.

The complete model change is to meet the requirements of the customers. Improvements include overall optimization of the gears and gear casing, weight reduction by maximum 20%, and lower noise operation. Sumitomo Heavy Industries plans to promote this remodeled Rhytax Drive series aggressively to customers in all industrial fields both in Japan and overseas.

Rhytax is a registered trademark of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

1. Leading Compactness in the Industry

1-1. Reduced Weight by Integrated Gear Casing
A newly designed gear casing and reduced number of component parts result in a substantial weight reduction (up to 20% lighter than previous models). Each of hollow-shaft and solid-shaft versions has individually designed casing. This gives the hollow-shaft models an easy-to-install, slim design. Solid-shaft model casing allows mounting either on a floor or a wall. (Earlier models were strictly for floor mounting. Mounting surface had to be parallel to the motor, which generally meant floor mounting.)

1-2. Compact Dimensions
Well-balanced design with strong gear shape and casing, developed utilizing Sumitomo's unique analysis method, enabled even more compactness.

2. Low Noise Operation
Our unique gear configuration achieves higher contact ratio for operation with even lower noise.

3. Wide Range Lineup Available
Standard models are available in capacity range from 0.4 kW to 45 kW, with reduction ratio from 1/10 to 1/545. Optional models can increase reduction ratio up to 1/1,850. Rhytax Drive provides coverage for wide range of specification requirements. In addition, motors are available for many different applications and operating environments. These include common three-phase motors, outdoor motors, brake motors, and inverter motors. Rhytax Drive conforms to international standards such as CSA, UL, CCC, and CE. Global network of Sumitomo Heavy Industry provides support for this product.

Available Specifications
Capacity: 0.4 kW-45 kW
Reduction ratio: 1/10-1/545
Output shaft type: Solid shaft, solid shaft with flange, hollow shaft, and hollow shaft with flange

Main Applications
Conveyor, automated warehouse, crane, crusher

Release Date
May 1, 2006

Standard Price
\235,800-\1.096.700 (before tax for solid-shaft models)

Target Sales Quantity
15,000 units/year

Rhytax Drive