Release of IB Series P1 Type Precision Control Speed Reducers

January 25, 2006

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (Yoshio Hinoh, President and CEO) announced the release of IB Series P1 Type precision control speed reducers.

P1 Type is the successor to P Type of IB Series, precision planetary gear speed reducers developed for servomotors which was launched in 2001. Subject model for this change is the10 min specification type out of two P Type models (3 min or 10 min backlash). The greatest feature of the new P1 Type is its compactness ranking No.1 in the industry. P1 Type is made approximately 40% smaller than the preceding model, by optimizing internal load balance. Additionally, previous motor capacity limit, 1,500W, has been expanded to 5,000W (Note 1). We will expand our sales aggressively to users of machine tools, conveyors of liquid-crystal components, packing equipments, and many more; both domestic and overseas with this enhanced lineup of our precision control speed reducers, IB Series P1 Type.

Note 1: Capacity 5,000W is for gears with reduction ratio 1/5. Capacity was expanded to 3,500W for reduction ratio 1/9 and 2,000W for reduction ratio 1/15.

1. No.1 Compactness in the Industry

(1) Integrated casing and internal gear
Combination of casing and internal gear minimizes dimension in radial direction.
(2) Large diameter angular bearing
Large diameter precision angular bearing, supporting output shaft, allows large radial load with compact casing.

2. Low backlash
(1) Stable backlash enabled by improved parts precision
(Backlash: Clearance between gears)

3. Capable for high-speed input
(1) Limit for high-speed input (maximum 6000r/min) expanded for responsiveness to higher speed of newest servomotors.

4. Increased modularity for input and output interface
(1) Three output shaft types (solid with or without key and flange) now available to enable attachment to increasingly diverse application machines.
(2) More servomotors types can be used with increased modularity
Compatible servomotors: Mitsubishi Electric, Yaskawa Electric, Sanyo Denki, FANUC, Matsushita Electric, Fuji Electric

Capacity: 50 - 5,000W
Reduction Ratio: 1/5, 1/9, 1/15, 1/21, 1/33, 1/45, 1/81
Output Shaft Type: Solid shaft (keyless), solid shaft (with key), flange shaft
Backlash: 15 min

Major Applications
Loading robot, peripheral equipment for robot, FA-related equipment, machine tool, loader motion/shaft drive, packing equipment, woodworking machinery, medical equipment, monitoring cameras, vending machine, testing equipment, measurement equipment

Release Date
December 15, 2005

List Price
69,600 JPY - 165,200 JPY (for keyless solid shaft)

Sales Target
2,000 units/month (for IB Series P1 Type)

IB Series P1 Type Precision Control Speed Reducers