Double Column Type Surface Grinding Machine Delivered to LCD Manufacturing System Manufacturers

November 26, 2003

Sumiju Fine Machinery , Ltd. (President: Taisuke Isozaki, Head Office: Kurashiki, Okayama, 100% capitalized by Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.) has delivered Double Column Type Surface Grinding Machines to manufacturers of liquid crystal display (LCD) manufacturing systems.

In recent years, the size of the glass substrate for LCD has been gradually increased to meet the demand for large-screen thin flat panel TV sets. Accordingly, the high-precision LCD manufacturing machines have also become large. The machine tools are also required to have the performance for processing the large parts of those precision machines.

The KSL-F3060 (H) model that has been delivered to the LCD manufacturing system manufacturers is a double column type surface grinding machine which can process a table size of 6000 mm long × 3000 mm wide with the processing precision to satisfy the straightness of 0.004 mm/6m and the parallelism of 0.003 mm/1m × 1m. This model is the Japan's largest table size of machine, 1.5 times as large as the conventional that has ever been manufactured by Sumiju Fine Machinery specialized in surface grinding machines and having a cumulative supply record of 500 units. This machine is used for the surface processing of the stage, which will be holding the glass substrate for LCD in the 7th generation of LCD manufacturing system.

The company is also manufacturing the surface grinding machine with higher processing precision to meet the needs for larger type and super-high processing precision.

Double Column Type Surface Grinding Machine