Completion of New Precision Forging Plant in Yokosuka Works

October 29, 2003

It is informed with pleasure that Sumiju Precision Forging Co., Ltd. (100% capitalized by Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.) has completed a new plant for producing precision forged products within its Yokosuka Works (Yokosuka, Kanagawa).

The company manufactures precision forged products including aircraft jet engine blades as well as aircraft parts, power-generation turbine blades and commercial parts for which high functionality and high reliability are required. The new plant has a layout to ensure that all the production processes from forging and thermal treatment to final machining are operated in a consistent manner within a single and same building. The powerful plant can respond to the diverse market needs for forged materials, precision forged products and machined finished products.

Sumiju Precision Forging Co. has a share of more than 30% in the domestic market for aircraft-related forged products, especially a dominant share in the forged blades for aircraft jet engines employing titanium or nickel alloys. The company intends to further develop its business through the accelerated exploitation in the overseas market in the aircraft and power-generation turbine fields that are being globalized.

Outline of the New Plant of Sumiju Precision Forging Co.

1. Facility scale
Building area : Approx. 13,500 m2
Total floor area : Approx. 15,000 m2
A building with two stories above the building

2. Completion: October 2003

3. Employment: Approx. 100 employees

New Precision Forging Plant in Yokosuka Works