Super-high Precision Disk Dedicated Injection Molding Machine "SD40E" Launched on the Market

September 24, 2003

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. started the sale of the super-high precision disk dedicated fully electric injection molding machine "SD40E" with the clamping force of 390 kilonewton (40 tons).

In recent years, the next generation of disks that can record volumes of data including high-quality videos for digital high-definition television (HDTV) is on the verge of appearing on the market along with the spread of DVD recording media for movies.
These high-capacity optical disks have allowed the pitches and pits of the recording tracks on the disks to be made finer. For the next generation of disks, demand for super-high precision molding is increasing in the market for injection molding machines for optical disks.

To respond to this need, the disk-dedicated fully electric injection molding machine "SD35D" that has marked a tremendous supply record for DVD application has been subject to a full model change. The new model "SD40E" is designed to respond to the next generation of disks such as not only optical disks including CD, MD and DVD currently being in mass production but also Blu-ray disks and AOD. The new model can support high-precision, high-accuracy molding that is required for the next generation of disks while succeeding the features of high cycles and stable molding that the conventional model has had. The peripheral equipment including the mold temperature controller and ejector that have also been upgraded in performance will also be put on sale as the "SE40E"-dedicated systems.