SHI launches out a new SED-CI Series for fully motor-driven, composite injection molding of two dissimilar compounds

July 24, 2003

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (SHI) has launched upon the sales of SE130D-CI , a new model of fully motor-driven, composite injection molding machines of two dissimilar compounds, with clamping force of 1,270 kN (130 tons). Together with the SE200D-CI with clamping force of 1,960 kN (200 tons) launched last year, the new model forms SED-CI Series.

SED-CI Series created by SHI have evolved from the company's state-of-the-art SE-D Series consisting of fully motor-driven injection molding models. The superior injection performance of the new series featuring high speed and quicker-than-ever response has been achieved using the same platform as with the existing SE-D Series. The performance of an injection molding machine of two dissimilar compounds greatly depends upon its mold reversing mechanism. Each SED-CI Series is equipped with the mechanism designed to reverse mold very smoothly in a short period of time, one of the innovations introduced by SHI. Another feature of this series is a wide reverse platen which molds are mounted on. This wide platen is the result of our user-oriented design considerations: it provides ease of mold change and high maintainability. With these innovative features, SED-CI Series not only displays its power especially in forming thin-wal and precision moldings but also contributes to reduce the mold cycle and improve the user's productivity.

In the molding of two dissimilar compounds, two different types or colors of resins are formed into one product in a single injection molding process. Since this molding process easily enables manufacturers to upgrade the design, tactile sensation, ornamentation or embellishment of products, it is suited for the production of the value-added. In addition, it permits moldings requiring high sealing performance or tight adhesion to be manufactured without the need of assembling. Demands for moldings of two dissimilar compounds are increasingly growing for a wide range of applications, including IT-related equipment and devices, automobile parts, medical equipment, utensils and goods for daily home use, and much more. SED-CI Series created by SHI, composite injection molding machines of two dissimilar compounds are available for diverse application needs.

SED-CI Series