Release of Inverter for Small Gearmotors

January 09, 2003

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (SHI) has released a new line of small inverters, "CAI," for the "Astero Gearmotor" series.

"CAI," the small inverter of this release, achieves speed control by combining the inverter with a general-purpose, three-phase induction motor in the "Astero Gearmotor" series, which covers smallest capacity range in SHI product line, 6~90W. Conventional existing speed control technology for motors of this low-power range consists of a special adjustable speed motor with an integral speed sensor for feedback of the motor's operating speed and a speed controller. The small inverter "CAI," will simplify wiring by making the motor speed sensor unnecessary. Considering the low power range, the new small inverter "CAI" has a high degree of functionality that makes it suitable for a wide variety of customers and applications. It is equipped with solid-state input/output terminals suitable for interfacing with a programmable logic controller (PLC) and it also includes a serial communication function (RS-485). The small inverter "CAI" is able to operate on both 100~120V and 200~240V single-phase input power by making a simple wiring change. This enables maximum flexibility and reduces the customer's need to stock inverters for different voltages.

SHI is offering this inverter for applications such as small conveyors, wrapping machines, and food-manufacturing machines that require speed control

*"Astero" is a registered brand of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

1. Wide speed control range
A wide speed control range of 10:1 is possible because of optimum V/f (voltage/frequency) ratio control for Astero Gearmotor series.

2. Economic
Most common, economical induction motors (three-phase) are used because speed sensors are not necessary.

3. Highly functional
1. External control possible by solid-state I/O system (start/stop, forward/reverse, and free run stop).Note: Free run stop---Shuts off the inverter output instantaneously to allow stopping by a mechanical motor brake.

2. Direct control possible by programmable logic controller.

3. Long distance and central control possible with RS-485 communication function.

4. Operational from both 100~120V and 200~240 single-phase input voltages.

[Model lineup]
CAI40C: Three phase (200V) 25W and 40W for induction motor Power source: Single-phase 100~120V or single phase 200~240V.
CAI90C: Three phase (200V) 60W and 90W for induction motor Power source: 100V~120V or 200~240V

[Main use]
Transportation mechanisms such as conveyors and lifters, food manufacturing machines, wrapping machines, ecological equipment such as dust collectors, leisure machines, home automation equipment and medical equipment.

Inverter for Small Gearmotors