SHI Opens an Injection Molding Machine Base in Mexico and China (Tianjin)

August 23, 2002

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. opened an operation base in Mexico and China (Tianjin), respectively, with the aim of bolstering the company's plastic injection molding machine business.

The base founded in Mexico is a local corporation, which has started selling and servicing plastic injection molding machines. The purpose of opening the base in Mexico is to reinforce SHI's sales and service organizations there in the face of the ever-increasing demand for automotive market in the country. Having resident servicepersons, the local corporation keeps stocks of service parts and offers prompt services.
The base opened in Tianjin City, China, is a representative office, which has started operations too. SHI has already established a local corporation in Hong Kong and Shanghai, respectively, selling and servicing plastic injection molding machines. The representative office that has been newly opened in Tianjin serves as the Tianjin office for SHI Shanghai. As a base of supply of IT-related products (personal computers, cellular phones, etc.) and automotive parts, the Tianjin area is rapidly undergoing industrialization. Under this condition, more and more plastic molding plants are being constructed one after another. The requirement quality of molded products of the area has improved markedly. It is expected that imports of plastic injection molding machines from Japan will further increase in the future. By opening the new office in Tianjin, SHI intends to boost its sales and improve its services in North China and Shantung Province, as well as the Tianjin area.
The opening of the two new offices mentioned above has expanded the company's sales and service network for plastics injection molding machines to 28 places in 17 countries.

[Outline of local corporation in Mexico]
1. Company name:
SHI Plastics Machinery de Mexico, S.A. DE C.V.
2. Location:
Calle "C"506-A, Parque Industrial Almacentro, Apodaca, Nuevo Leon
(in the suburbs of Monterrey City)

[Outline of office in Tianjin]
1. Office name:
Tianjin Representative Office of SHI Plastics Machinery (Shanghai) Ltd.
2. Location:
No.7, Sanijing Road, Dongli Economic Development Zone, Tianjin City