Sensorless Vector Control Inverter, "HF-430," on Sale

September 27, 2000

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (President: Yoshiro Hinoh) has released a new line-up of medium-capacity sensorless vector control inverters.
High-performance, high-function, easy-maintenance, and global application type machines are also recently in demand in the general-purpose inverter market. In order to meet these demands, we already released a small-capacity sensorless vector control* inverter, the "HF-320." This time we have released the "HF-430", a similar model with a higher capacity of 5.5-55 kW. This compact new model excels in starting torque characteristics and is ideal for the speed control of extruders, elevators, and many other machines as a high-performance inverter that permits powerful operation.

1. Features
(1) Compact
The low-loss IGBT* is compactly designed, achieving a reduction
of up to 60% of the volume of existing inverters.

(2) Powerful operation
High-performance sensorless vector control operation ensures stable torque throughout the operating range. Endowed with excellent starting torque characteristics, the machine is ideal for combined use with a variety of speed reducers.
(Starting torque: 200% or more; speed control range: 1 to 120; speed control accuracy: ±0.5%)

(3) Easy maintenance
An easily detachable consumable parts (cooling fan and smoothing capacitor) and detachable control terminal board facilitate maintenance.

(4) Global applications
The standard unit is applicable to UL, c-UL, CE Marking, and other overseas standards.

(5) High and multiple functions
A variety of functions are provided to flexibly meet users requirements for multifunctional I/O terminals, PID control, communication function, and so on.

2. Machine lineup:
5.5-55 kW; 200/400 V

3. Use: Extruder, elevator, and agitator, as well as various general industrial machines

4. Standard price:
200 V class ... \152,700-820,000
400 V class ... \180,200-1,000,000

5. Sales target:
1,000 units/month