Sale of "High-efficiency Gear Motor Series"

September 06, 2000

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. has put a high-efficiency gear motor series on the market.
With the mounting interest in the prevention of global warming in recent years, rationalization of energy usage at plants is mandated by the Energy Saving Law and other ordinances. Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. has developed a series of high-efficiency motors with small energy loss and combined them with the "CYCLO DRIVE 6000 Series." The sum of this combination, the "High-efficiency Gear Motor Series," has now been launched to market. This new series of "Eco-friendly Gear Motors" is compact, lightweight, and low-noise, with high energy-saving performance.
* "CYCLO DRIVE" is a trademark of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

(1) Features
Conforms to high-efficiency standards and specifications
The series conforms to the JIS (JIS C4212) standard for high-efficiency motors established on July 20, 2000, with a 10-30% reduction in energy loss in comparison with our standard motors.
Series of high-efficiency motors
The lineup includes high-efficiency motors with capacities ranging widely from 0.2-30 kW.
Conforms to overseas efficiency regulations
Conforming to the efficiency regulations for motors, EP Act (U.S.) and NR Can (Canada)
Compact and lightweight
Compact, lightweight, high-efficiency motors achieved by adopting special flat-rolled magnetic steel sheets and strip and aluminum frames

(2) Lineup: High-efficiency gear motor (CYCLO DRIVE 6000) series
0.2-30 kW; 4P; 200/400 V class

(3) Application
Machines to be operated continuously for many hours at chemical, steel-making, and papermaking plants, as well as other industrial facilities

(4) Standard price: \31,700- \1,331,700

(5) Sales target: 3,000 units/month

High-efficiency Gear Motor Series