Parking Systems

SHI Group is pioneer in manufacturing of puzzle-type parking systems, which are highly rated for their unparalleled extraordinary performance.

Parking facilities in buildings and condominiums located in urban areas, where land costs are high, are required to be compact, highly efficient and cost saving.
The SHI group's puzzle type parking systems satisfy all such needs and our customers, who have been agonizing over parking facility planning, have been delivered pleasant surprises.

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  1. 1Freedom of layout

    The individually driven pallet puzzle type parking facility can accommodate pillars, walls and elevators which intrude into the parking space. The storage efficiency is high, with a saved required floor height possible. The entry and exit locations can also be set freely.

  2. 2Short retrieval time

    The retrieval operation is completed in the shortest possible time, since the pallets are transferred via the shortest route, which is calculated by a computer.
    By combining this with a high-speed lift, high-speed retrieval, compatible with large capacity time rental parking facilities is.

  3. 3Low noise and low vibration

    Various ways to lower noise and vibration have been devised, through such means as the incorporation of an inverter control, small capacity motors, non-consolidated pallets, independent pillars and urethane rollers, etc.

  4. 4Various reservation functions

    The incorporation of the computer system makes it possible to add on a variety of functions to improve convenience for the parking facilities, such as placing a series of retrieval reservations or remote retrieval reservations, etc.

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