Water and Sewage Treatment Systems

Superfine Bubble Membrane Tube Diffuser Micrus®

Reduces electric power consumption and achieves energy conservation at sewage treatment facilities.

Microscopic air bubbles are used to aerate sewage that flows into the sewage treatment plant in order to supply oxygen to the microbes that purify sewage water.
At least 30% of the electric power consumed at sewage treatment plants is used for this process of supplying oxygen. Micrus is capable of creating bubbles finer than those made by conventional diffusers to efficiently supply oxygen and reduce electric power consumption. High durability and easy maintenance are also features of Micrus.

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  1. 1Superior aeration and agitation functions

    Energy conservation results, due to high oxygen transfer efficiency, as well as a reliable agitation performance due to optimized placements are both attained.

  2. 2High durability

    High durability has been attained through the adoption of a cylindrical form that maintains a uniform load, and a special silicon rubber that has superior thermal and chemical resistance characteristics. Stable operation over long periods of time is possible.

  3. 3Easy maintenance

    The main unit can be retained when the diffuser unit is updated, as it is possible to replace only the membranes (diffuser membranes). This keeps the updating costs as low as possible, while the life of the product is extended.

  4. 4Economical construction

    Extremely light weight. Installation can be completed simply by attaching the diffuser to the air supply pipe. No stand for the diffuser is necessary.

  5. 5Increased freedom for designing

    The product is of a compact structure, measuring 66mm in diameter and 2,200mm in length, which presents few restrictions for installation.

Structure and material

The diffuser consists of a main unit created by an integrated molding with polypropylene and membranes that have fine slits. It is made of special silicon rubber that has superior thermal resistance and chemical resistance.


  • Diffusing

    Air is supplied from the air supply pipe to the air distribution slots, inflating the membranes.
    The slits on the membrane are located only on the sides, and the structure is such that fine bubbles are discharged uniformly with few bubbles sticking together.

  • Stopping

    The membranes attach to the main unit, due to the water pressure, when aeration stops. This ensures that sewage does not enter into the membranes, while the structure of the slits is such that they are unlikely to become clogged.

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