Precision Positioning Equipment

XY stage leads nanotechnology

The XY stage used to perform precise positioning of equipment for the manufacture of FPDs and semiconductors has been utilized. The mechanical structural technologies, as well as proprietary control technologies nurtured as a general machinery manufacturer are used to achieve the highly accurate positioning on a nanometer scale.

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SA/SL series compact surface stage

  1. 1High speed stability and positioning precision is achieved through the use of an H-type structure with a low center of gravity.
  2. 2Utilizing mounted components as optional parts makes it possible to respond to a variety of our customers' requirements.
  3. 3The reaction force processing mechanism achieves a high precision drive during high speed acceleration and deceleration (1m/s, 1G).


  • XY stage for semiconductor and printed circuit board exposure and high precision inspection equipment.

TL series stack-type linear guide stage

  1. 1A stage featuring high precision and throughput is provided at a low cost.
  2. 2A high throughput is achieved by a linear motor driven stage.
  3. 3Highly precise positioning is achieved with the use of a unique reaction force processing mechanism.


  • XY stage for semiconductor and printed circuit board inspection and processing equipment.

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