Motion Components

Control components
to achieve the high precision and high responsiveness of manufacturing equipment

The control components available from the Mechatronics Division, which realize precise positioning technologies on a nanometer scale, have been adopted by the control systems of various processing equipment, primarily semiconductor manufacturing equipment, liquid crystal manufacturing equipment and precision processing equipment, but also a diverse range of processing equipment required to provide ultra-precision with high accuracy. Our proprietary control PF is the base of these products, which contribute to the improvement of performance provided by various manufacturing equipment, through a semi-customization that caters to the requirements of our customers in a flexible manner.

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MC78 high performance motion controller

MC78 is a high performance controller capable of providing optimum control algorithms for high-speed servo processing and installation. A multiple shaft, fully synchronized control system with a full digital interface can be achieved by combining this product with SD series servo drivers or a PP78 positional measurement signal processing unit, etc.

SDLN/SDPH high precision servo drivers

The SDLN series of products are ultra-high performance servo drivers that make it possible to automatically switch between highly precise linear motion on a nanometer scale, and maximum output PWM operations, and incorporates a linear amplifier developed for the ultra-precision field. The SDPH series of products are high performance servo drivers of the PWM operating type, which were developed for medium and large outputs. They feature high speed stability with high-speed switching elements and a built in highly precise electric current feedback circuit, and their power is demonstrated in applications, such as quick positioning.

SM/SL/SSL coreless linear motors

Side forces are inhibited with the proprietary I-type coil, while the optimized design for magnetic circuits and coil placements, as well as a highly precise assembly with, result in a minimized thrust ripple in this linear motor. Highly precise scanning operations are possible.

Airsonic 50N air actuator

The incorporation of the proprietary control algorithm and air bearing enables high-speed and high precision air driven positioning, as well as high-precision load control.
The adoption of an air drive means clean operations with no dust and no heat generated. The incorporation of an air bearing, furthermore, eliminates the need for applying grease and therefore maintainability is improved significantly.

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