Gearmotors having wide range of line-up, supporting all types of industries

Offering a wide range of products, including Cyclo® Drive, receiving high evaluation for its strength and product reliability since its release in 1939, and Hyponic Gearmotor®, high efficient/low noise right-angle gearmotor with hypoid gear installed.

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Cyclo® Drive

Excellent performance and high reliability with unique mechanism since production started in 1939

Unbreakable gear tooth profile

"Cycloid disc", the gear of the CYCLO® Drive, has a unique smooth curvature
(epitrochoid parallel curve) which is different from the curvature of the typical involute gear. In addition, the unique circular tooth profile has also been adopted for the internal gear. Smooth rolling contact with no breakage of the tooth has achieved a tough and long life reducer.
(Some of the reducers with the specifications of a low reduction ratio have adopted the helical gear or the planetary gear.)

CYCLO® Drive has smooth rolling contact.
Involute gears have sliding contact with smaller contact ratio.

Abundant variations

Abundant variations with capacity of 0.1 kW to 132kW and reduction ratio of 2.5 to 658503 are in the lineup.

Use of SF (Service Factor)

SF for CYCLO® Drive can be freely selected unlike SF for the typical gearmotor. Only the frame size of the reducer can be sized up without increasing the motor capacity range.

Various Applied Products

Various applied products are available.
The most suitable one according to the applications can be selected.

CYCLO® Drive with torque limiter
CYCLO® Drive for servo motor
Vertical mounted CYCLO® Drive for stirring, mixing, and the reaction tank
CYCLO motor pulley®
Motor Capacity
0.1kW to 132kW
Reduction ratio
2.5 to 658503
Motor type
Three phase, Premium efficiency, High efficiency, For inverter, Outdoor, Increased safety explosion proof, Flameproof, Overseas standard, High speed hollow shaft

Hyponic Gearmotor®

HYPONIC is a right angle shaft gearmotor with wide power variations of 15W to 11kW

Hollow shaft
Flange-mounting solid shaft
Foot-mounting solid shaft

High efficiency

The hypoid gear adopted in HYPONIC Gearmotor can provide far higher efficiency than the worm gear due to less slippage.

Robust and long life

The gear is made of chromium-molybdenum steel with carburizing and quenching.

Low noise level

The hypoid gear can transmit rotation quietly and smoothly since it has a larger contact ratio compared to that of the bevel gear.

Lightweight and Compact

The motor shaft and the hypoid pinion were integrated and the aluminum alloy casing was adopted.
(Except some of the models)

Use of SF (Service Factor)

When applying a large service factor (SF), increase only the frame size of the reducer by one (1) size without increasing the motor capacity range. (Hollow shaft type)

Wide variations

Capacity of 15W to 11kW is in the lineup. Intermediate capacity of 0.25kW, 0.55kW, 1.1kW, and 3.0kW are available as a standard feature.
The most suitable motor capacity can be selected.

Motor Capacity
15W to 11kW
Reduction ratio
5 to 1440
Motor type
Three phase, Premium efficiency, High efficiency, For inverter, Single phase, Outdoor, Waterproof, Increased safety explosion proof, Overseas standard, High speed hollow shaft

Astero® Gearmotor

The separate-type small-size gearmotor with selection of parallel shaft or right angle shaft

Selectable separate-type gear head

Parallel shaft or right angle shaft (solid shaft or hollow shaft) can be selected.
The motor and the gear head are an easy-to-use separate structure.
The gear head can be mounted freely according to applications.

Connection compatibility

Major connection dimensions of the gear head (frame size, output shaft position and dimension, and mounting hole) are the same for the parallel shaft gear head and the right angle shaft gear head.
Both parallel shaft and right angle shaft can be freely selected.

Parallel shaft gear head
Right angle shaft gear head


Right angle shaft ASTERO can make possible a space-saving design without the motor protruding.

Abundant product group and option

Speed Controller
CAU series
CAH series
CAL series
Brake Pack
For Gear Heads
Flange mounting-type gear head (60W and 90W)
Gear head mounting plate (for parallel shaft)
Torque arm (for right angle shaft)
Motor Capacity
6W to 90W for parallel shaft and 25W to 90W for right angle shaft
Reduction ratio
3 to 200 for parallel shaft and 5 to 240 for right angle shaft
(Intermediate gear head with reduction ratio of 10 can be added.)
Motor type
Three phase, Single phase, Single phase speed control, Overseas standard

Product lines

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