Control Systems

Drive control system for roll to roll process lines

Enabling the establishment of high precision and flexible drive control systems

SHI realized complete synchronization of drive systems ahead of the competition, and we have introduced packages of control software for various roll to roll process lines, such as film coaters, rotogravure printing presses, dry laminators.
The drive control system “System MX Ⅱ,” which integrates our technologies, can flexibly respond to various equipment compositions through coordinated control among a number of shafts.

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What is a roll to roll process line?

Roll to roll = Technology to transfer web continuous flexible medium

Roll to roll process line is a general name for the equipment (machine) that unwinds base materials, which are in a roll form, such as films / metal foils and other materials , processes them while continuosly transporting them, then winds them again.

Process that requires drive system technologies

Processes, such as precision printing and coating on paper and film and plying of films, require high precision transportation of base materials.
The drive system responds to a wide variety of needs from various equipment manufacturers.




Film forming/stretching


High Performance

Utilizes a special EtherNet-based communication system (MC-LINK)
The variation in data transmission / reception that occurs between each node connected to the network has been minimized.
This power is demonstrated with ordinary line control applications, as well as high-speed and sophisticated synchronized control applications.
Realizes synchronized control of high precision devices, such as printing machines.
Performs centralized processing of control calculations for the vectors of individual shafts, as well as calculations for line system controls, starting from unwinding to winding, through completely synchronized operations.
The product demonstrates a performance that surpasses anything previously.

Packaged Software

Specialized control software for roll to roll control in a package
Blocking of functions required to control equipment for various processes, such as paper/film processing/printing/metal processing.
Being equipped with packaged software, the system can easily respond to various types of equipment.

Easy machine tuning and analysis

Easy test run adjustment/status analysis
Packed with unique adjustment tools for controllers of roll to roll control.
Equipped with multi-shaft high-speed monitor and FFT analysis functions, the system can easily perform cycle analysis for tension fluctuation and machine vibration.

Remote Maintenance

Able to perform monitoring/malfunction diagnosis and other tasks remotely
By connecting a PC, in which the controller adjustment tool for control is installed, to the internet via WiFi routers or other means, you can easily perform operation monitoring and malfunction diagnosis.
  • *It is possible to remotely operate your PC. However, we would like to consult with you before operation for items that involve changes to the equipment, such as parameter changes, due to safety reasons.

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