Clean Room System

Firm support provided for creation of optimized environment for our customers through control of temperature,humidity and cleanliness

Clean room systems, available from the SHI Group, reduce running costs with the proprietary air conditioning system, "Cle-Eco®". Highly accurate control of temperature and humidity is also possible. Designs suitable for internal facilities at existing manufacturing plants and offices are also provided. Furthermore, in cases where the processing accuracy of nanometer orders is required by our customers, the SHI Group also offers precision temperature regulating equipment, Thermal Cube®.

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Characteristics of clean room systems

  1. 1Energy conservation

    The proprietary air conditioning system, "Cle-Eco®" reduces running costs by up to 60% (in comparison with products of the SHI Group).

  2. 2Highly accurate temperature regulation is possible

    The system is capable of not only controlling cleanliness but also the temperature and humidity with a high accuracy (temperature ±1℃; humidity ±5%).

  3. 3Low humidity environment also realized

    A dew point temperature of -60℃ can be realized.

  4. 4Adaptable to existing facilities in existing building structures

    Designs suitable for internal facilities at existing manufacturing plants and offices are also provided.

  5. 5Capable of working with small areas

    It is possible to work with small scale clean rooms, even those that have a floor area less than 100m2. Costs can be reduced by minimizing the clean zones.

  6. 6A variety of clean room related equipment also available

    Many types of related equipment are manufactured by the SHI Group, and can be installed at a low cost.

Features of Thermal Cube®

  1. 1Energy conservation

    Energy saving types requiring no electric heater, using our proprietary refrigerant reheating method, are also available.

  2. 2Accurate temperature regulation(*) is possible

    The control of temperatures to ±0.5℃ and ±0.1℃, as well as the control of humidity to ±2% and ±5% in the normal temperature zone, is possible with standard systems.
    The high accuracy types are capable of controls with an accuracy of ±0.05℃.

  3. 3Capable of handling various needs

    A line of products that feature a diverse range of specifications, such as energy saving types, low humidity types and large air flow types, is available.
    These systems can be used for a variety of applications. Furthermore, there is an integrated precision temperature regulating system, "Uni Thermal Cube", which features temperature control functions for the three fluid types of air, water and compressed air, packaged in a single housing.

  4. 4Examples of numerous applications

    Partitions that cater to the required accuracies and facilities, such as simplified plastic curtain methods and thermal insulation panel methods, as well as equipment linked automatic shutter fitted types, can be provided.

  5. 5Air flow and temperature distribution simulations

    Air flow analysis is performed in order to create highly reliable designs under a variety of conditions, with proposals for optimum systems for our customers.

    • *Notes on accurate temperature regulation

      Accurate temperature regulation is an air conditioning method used to very accurately control the temperature and humidity. Accurate temperature regulation is one of the essential conditions for achieving stable quality, as more and more highly value added products are produced and processed.
      For instance if the temperature at a site where precision processing is being performed fluctuates by 1℃, a steel block measuring 100mm would shrink by about 1μm. Other than this, stability of the temperature and humidity are important elements in securing high quality in various processes, impacting on certain aspects, such as the refraction of light or viscosity of solvents.

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