Rotary Kiln-type Recycling Facilities

Recycling facilities, based on melting kiln technology, are backed by numerous past achievements.

Melting kiln technologies are used in a variety of fields and they contribute towards detoxification treatments and recycling.


  • Waste materials in a drum can or medical waste materials in a container are treated as they are.
  • Operating modes are freely selectable from "oxidizing", "reducing", as well as "melting" and "roasting".
  • Very robust against load fluctuations, and stable continuous operations are possible.
  • Simple structure makes operations and management easy.

Application examples

Industrial waste material treatment

Trace amounts of PCB contaminated materials, medical waste materials and other such waste materials, which are difficult to treat, are completely detoxified by processing through incineration and melting treatments at high temperatures. Liquid slag is used as a road base or concrete secondary product.

Recycling facilities

Various treatments, suitable for specific purposes, can be performed by changing the temperature conditions, as well as the combustion gas constituents. A combination of "oxidizing", "reducing", as well as "melting" and "roasting" can be selected.

  • Recovery of alloy iron from the smelting reduction treatment of steel dust.
  • Recovery of vanadium and molybdenum from the oxidizing roasting of a used desulfurization catalyst.
  • Recovery of iron and zinc from the solid reduction treatment of electric furnace dust.
  • Recovery of precious metals from the incineration and melting treatment of waste electronic circuit boards.

Test facilities

Research institutes of the SHI Group are furnished with various types of test facilities, which can process batch tests to continuous tests, depending on the objectives. Continuous treatment test facilities can process up to a daily quantity of 10 tons, depending on the treated objects.

Compact rotary furnace
(100 to 200g per run)
Differentiation furnace
(50 to 100kg per run)
Continuous furnace (MPF)
(5 to 10t per day)

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