Mixing Vessels

We continue to take on challenges in new fields based on our past results and technical capabilities that can be considered trustworthy.

The act "mixing" is prevalent everywhere including everyday life and production sites.
So, in mixing operation, you can increase efficiency by using a good method. There are cases also in large-scale production sites that just optimizing the existing mixing equipment can largely improve the productivity, cost, and quality.
We offer agitators and mixing vessels tailored to your needs based on our past experience and current technological capabilities.

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  1. 1Abundance of Delivery Results

    Since the first model was delivered in 1984, Sumitomo's agitators and mixing vessels have beyond 2,000 delivery results, and they are applied for several applications worldwide. And, they support various countries, overseas laws of the area.

    Main industory fields
    Chemical Cosmetic Pharmaceutical Coating Adhesive Grease Agrochemical
  2. 2Technical Services

    Data acquisition and performance check are available for all processing capacity from laboratory scale to commercial scale of equipment.
    We propose the performance diagnosis and the equipment specification with optimum mixing power, scale-up model and scale-down model.

    • Test impeller fabrication service

      This service creates a custom-order mixing impeller that suits the testing conducted with your own mixing vessel or with a material that is difficult to take outside your company. We will propose an impeller shape that suits your process.

    • Test device rental service

      If you want to test a state-of-the-art mixing device to your heart's content by yourself, we have rental devices for testing.
      We provide a variety of devices including NANOVisK™, a state-of-the-art fine emulsion production device that realizes the nano range of droplets in emulsion, and MAXBLEND™, whose unique impeller shape exercises ground-breaking mixing characteristics.

    • Visiting test

      When you want a test to be conducted by a mixing expert, or need to collect data under various operation conditions, visit us to conduct the test. we suggest the most suitable flow pattern with the assistance of wide experience and various sumilation techniques.
      Also, You will use our experimental facilities with the attendance of a specialized engineer who help you collect data necessary to determine the specification of mixing type of reactors including a separable flask and a production machine.

      Rental devices
      Test devices
  3. 3Technical Information

    We introduces application examples of the technologies and techniques based on our past results.

    Application examples
    • Controlling Crystal Diameter in Cooling Crystallization
    • Reduction of Aggregate in ABS Emulsion Polymerization
    • Sub-micronization of ultra-highly viscous fluids
    Mixing course

    We provide clear explanations on the basics of mixing techniques and how to select mixing devices.

    • Basics terms of mixing
    • Three points to understand mixing
    • Basics of basics of scale-up

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